8 Advantages Of Outsourcing an Event Planner

You may be very confident in your skills to pull off an outstanding event, but there are certain situations when your skills won’t be enough to make that day a memorable one; and in times like that, what do you do? 

The answer is quite simple! Opt for someone who has better skills, experiences, and in-depth knowledge of event planning. 

There are several event planning companies out there, such as The Craftman, who are ready to offer you their outstanding service towards ensuring that you have a successful and fruitful event! 

Below are some benefits you stand to enjoy from outsourcing for your event.

1. Helps You Reduce Cost

Yes! You may feel that by hiring an event planner in Malaysia or overseas, you’ll be incurring extra expenses, which is why most people decide to carry out the planning themselves. 

The truth is that opting for an event planner will help you reduce costs because these professionals have the necessary experience and are very good at negotiating better charges for venues and more.

Event planning companies have good relationships with suppliers who tend to offer them certain discounts that you, as an individual, would not get.


Event planners have great Negotiation Skills
timely planning

2. Assures You of a Timely Planning

Planning an event is not a walk in the park, especially if you are on full-time employment. Due to some personal commitments, you might not have the time to organize an outstanding event.

When you outsource an event planner, you wouldn’t have to worry much. All you have to do is relax, while the professionals make sure everything concerning your event would be ready well before the event starts.


3. Corporate Planners Provide Marketing Services

Is there a new product you want to showcase to the world? If you want your event organized in such a way that it would raise awareness about a new product of yours, then you need not worry because an event planner can make that happen too. 

Event planners like The Craftman, for example, provides their customers with the best marketing services because they have the necessary expertise. When you choose the right event planner, they will have connections that can make your event the talk of the neighbourhood!


Garden Of Evening Mists PC
A Peranakan Heritage Press Conference

4. They Provide You with Advice and Experience

Event planners generally have vast experience in their field. Because of this, you can benefit a lot from their services and advice. The number of years they have spent in event planning provided them with the best of knowledge and experience. 

This makes them capable of handling any difficult situation in regards to the event. Without experience however, this will be a difficult feat to pull off.


5. Boast of The Best Negotiation Skills

Event planners, especially those that have been in the business for some time, have the best negotiation skills that are supported by the relationship they have with suppliers, vendors, and hotels. 

Because of this, they tend to have the ability to strike out a deal that would suit you and your budget. Having such a privilege is quite rare if you are not aware of who to approach.

Customer satisfied over reduced cost
the craftman crews

6. They Don’t Overlook Anything

Thorough in their jobs, event managers always ensure that nothing is ignored while they help you plan your event. They are professionals who have the necessary skills to draft a strategic management plan and implement it to make sure that they run the event to your taste without leaving out any detail. 

When planning an event yourself, you may accidentally overlook some important things that would have added more gloss to your event. This will definitely not be the case when you hire an event planner.


7. They Ensure That Your Needs are Satisfied

In general, event planners aim to provide you with the best services, one that would make you glad and want to opt for their service again. They will do all it takes to make sure your event is a glamorous one. 

This is not necessarily something you want to do since planning an event comes with tremendous stress. The professionals, on the other hand, are trained to handle your event with skill and precision.

Rah Rah Russia Melaka 2018
Petrosains Science Festival Kota Kinabalu

8. They are Creative

With years of experience in the bag, event planners often have creative ideas for many scenarios. If you are in search of a one of a kind idea that can impress you and your attendees, then it is best to opt for the professionals. 

Not only will it be a creative idea to come to life, but it will also be a memorable day that is stress-free on you.


Event planning may sound easy to you, but if what you desire is an extraordinary event, one that astonishes your visitors, then hiring an event planner is your best bet. These people have the skills, experience, and all it takes to handle your event and make it a success.