7 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring An Event Company

When you bring in a professional to help you out, you know that there are going to be a few questions that you should ask.

After all, the screening process is what could make the difference between you having a positive experience with an event company in Malaysia or a negative one.

To give you some support when shopping for event planning companies, here are some of the top questions to ask.

Seven great questions to ask in the hiring process:

1. What areas do
you specialize in?

Some companies focus on birthday parties, others prefer corporate events, and still, others are looking for pretty much anything.

If you’ve got a specific design in mind and you know that you want the company to understand it, get a feel for what they normally take on and whether or not your idea fits.

2. What is included in the base fee (and what costs extra)?

For example, if you know that you are looking for a human claw machine rental, you may want to make sure that you hire a company that includes it within their base fees. 

Or, at least, get a feel for how much extra this special feature is going to cost. These are charges that are helpful to know upfront.

3. How many people will be at the event for staffing?

When it comes to the day of the event, event planning companies always send a unique number of people. If it matters to you — or you want to check it against the competition — ask this. 

Not only will it show them that you know what you’re talking about, it will often lead them into talking about the process and schedule to expect a day-off.

4. Do you have the most up to date codes and regulations?

Not every event company in Malaysia is going to be ready to take on modern events. You’ll want to do your homework on what codes and regulations should be in place for your event, and then ask the company you’re interviewing to make sure they have them all in place as you would expect them to. If they don’t have them in place, it’s a sign to keep searching elsewhere for everyone’s safety.

5. Do you have a
cancellation policy?

Some will charge for cancellations when it gets to be within a week (or less) and some won’t. 

Just in case of an emergency, it’s always best to know what their policy is so that you can be aware of it. 

6. Can you stay on budget for this party?

While budgets are often a tricky subject to broach, it’s better now than never. 

This is where you could mention your claw machine rental hopes, too, as you’ll want to make sure that they can factor that in to the budget that you give them, and their own expectations.  

7. What official certifications do you have?

From capacity to training to specializations, it’s a great idea to get a feel for what kind of certifications your event planners have, even if you don’t necessarily think they may be relevant. 

It shows that you expect them to be professional and that you know the questions to ask.


There are a lot of options out there when it comes to hiring event planners. Make sure that you’re getting the right ones for your special occasion by asking the right questions.

These will help you get a feel for what you can expect from them and they’ll appreciate that you’ve done your homework too! It all means a better relationship between client and company.

This, in turn, means a better event all around. For more information, contact us!