10 Great Virtual Event Ideas For Corporations

self recording a video with a camera

These days, everyone is looking at alternative ways to go about doing everything. This includes businesses that are hoping to keep revenue rolling in while still making sure that they keep personal protection a priority. 

To help you get your own foot in the door, consider looking for an event company in Malaysia to guide you in the right direction.

Not only is everyone looking for something to help add some fun into the daily routine, but an event management company in Malaysia is also going to be prime with options to help you make the online transition! 

1. Online Contests and Competitions

To help you reach your customers and engage them, consider doing an online contest where they get a free item or a free service or even just a coupon. The more special the contest/competition is, the better.

2. Online Talks with Live Streaming

When it comes to the business atmosphere, organize a live streaming online talk so that you can answer questions and address comments in real-time. Since everyone is available, it can be great for getting real information out there.

3. Workout and Mental Health Activities

Right now, mental health and physical health are priorities and they should be. Get some support from an event company that can help you prioritize both through a corporation-friendly online event.

4. Arcade Games

There are all sorts of arcade game rentals that you can choose from, including online claw machine games and other games room ideas that will add a retro vibe to a virtual event.

5. Watch Parties

Popular especially on social media, these bring in multiple people at once to watch— and respond to — videos that are being shown at the same time for everyone. This is great for the corporate spirit.

6. Photo Booth Apps

These are a blast and an event management company will be able to arrange and help you create great apps for desktop and mobile use that will create branded photos that customers and employees can use to share your brand without leaving their home.

7. Online Seminars

Similar to online talks, online seminars are going to be helpful in educating and bringing together employees, contractors and more to educate themselves on whatever seminar they want to. It can also help bring in some money if you make it a paid seminar.

8. On-demand Conferences

Again, conferences are also a great option to do online. These can be recorded live and then streamed to help bridge the gap between time zone differences. Great as a subscription service, users will love jumping between conference topics.

9. Ask for Requests

What better way to keep your corporate vibe going than to ask customers and employees what they want? Propose ideas such as those listed above, or even virtual retreats. Give the people what they want by making sure you know what it is that they want in the first place!

10. Online Auctions

Online auctions are best done through live streams, but don’t be afraid to do it after the fact, too. Fun to contribute to with watch parties and engaging for employees and customers, this is a huge perk for a unique virtual event to auction off a product or service.

These times may be hard on corporations trying to make it through, but relying on an event management company in Malaysia, such as The Craftman to help you make the most out of it. feel free to get in touch with us.